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We have a range of cow families that have had a varied amount of success. Dendor is a closed herd, females are currently home bred, used as replacements and have been for over a decade.

The cow families we currently have are:​

  • Anna-Mary

  • Echo

  • Greata

  • Helen

  • Honeysuckle

  • Jano 

  • Jennefer

  • Joyful 

  • Keepsake 

  • Lilac-Wine

  • Lois

  • Molly

  • Myrtle

  • Ruby 

  • Wattle

Here are some of our most successful females
DSC_0715 (2).JPG

Greta 13th

This young cow is sired by SMH Euro 30E. she has made quite the impact on our herd already. She is a well made cow with good feet and legs and a great udder. her first calf and the only heifer shes had to date was Greta 19th, she was shown and sold to the Windor family at the October Sale in 2016. At the sale we also sold her first bull calf 'Napoleon'. Napoleon had being shown numerous times winning the Reserve Male Championship at Burwarton before winning his class and taking the Reserve Junior Male Championship at both the National Poll Show and Kington. Shes since had three bull caves with a full brother to Napoleon, Playboy joing a commercial herd. Rambo joined a top commercial herd in south wales. Smokin Joe her 2018 born Bull Calf was sold to the Holdsworth Family who run the Pebworth herd. Her 2019 born son of Moonshine is still at here and is shaping up nicely.  

Greta 19th

napolean fiel;d.jpg



dendor herefords molly poll

Molly 41st

The Female of the year 2014, Molly 41st  was shown for the following two years - picking up a Reserve Female Championship at Kington in 2015 and the Supreme in 2016. She does the work as well. Her first daughter Molly 44th selling for the top price after collecting the Female Championship at  at the HCS Spring Sale, Her first bull calf 'Nairobi' taking the Junior Male Championship at both the National Poll Show and Kington in 2016 at six months of age. Nairobi was shown once in 2018 taking the Supreme Championship at the National Poll Show. Molly 41st was one of the first donor cows at Dendor and we have since had three calves born by Romany 1 Distiller. One heifer calf Molly 50th has since made her way to southern Ireland to join Woodpark Herefords.  


dendor molly poll herefords

Molly 44th

molly 50th.jpg

Molly 50th

Dendor Jennefer poll herefords
This cow sired by the 2004 National Poll Show Champion (Ringmaster) was shown herself, picking up numerous accolades but is more known for her breeding than anything else. Three of her daughters have been shown to date with the most high profile being Jennefer the 15th  who was UK female of the Year 2015 for Sky High Herefords. Her granddaughters have set records selling to a high of 8500gns.

Jennefer 15th

Jennefer 8th

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