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Dendor Herefords are bred, grown and finished on "Gwastadgoed" in a picturesque area, overlooking the Severn Valley, near Caersws, Mid Wales, United Kingdom.


"Gwastadgoed" has been the home of Dendor Poll Herefords since the herd’s formation in the early 1970’s.


The aim of the Dendor Herd is to continue to produce cattle that are capable of producing offspring for either the pedigree or commercial herd that meet the current market requirements.

Gwastadgoed" is probably best described as medium sized farm and is typical of this part of Mid Wales. It is situated 12 kilometers north west of Newtown, just 2 kilometees north of Caersws and approximately 40 kilometers from the English border.


The land and climate is only suitable to the production of beef and sheep - both equally benefiting from shared grazing. The farm is situated 200 meters above sea level, the lower ground is heavy type clay, and the higher ground (350 Meters) is steeper and dryer with a very thin covering of soil receiving an annual rainfall of approximately 40 inches per annum. Some say we have eight months of winter and four months of bad weather!


The herd was established by Denis and Doris in the early 1960’s as "Gwastad Pedigree Herefords", with carefully selected stock purchased from the "Paddock", "Shraden", "Merryhill", "Ivington Court" and "Treworgan" Herds.


The switch to Poll Herefords was made in the 1970’s with the introduction of a new stock bull with a strong poll gene – Wayland 1 Harrow.


Throughout the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990,s and now in 2017 the policy has been to develop the strongest of the original female lines. Introducing productive and quality sires throughout these 30 plus years has enabled this - through the use of a number of senior stock bulls. These include "Clarendon 1 Edward", "Vorn 1 24K Liverpool", "Costhorpe 1 Destiny", "Chapleton 1 Highlander", "Costhorpe 1 Manhatten", "Costhorpe 1 Umpire" and "Dendor 1 Vindicator" "Bosa 1 Mr Bean", Seaconpol 1 Ringmaster, Topgen 1 Supremo, SMH Euro, Solpoll 1 Gilbert, Landscombe 1 Orkney and more to come.











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